The Business Storyteller is a management consultancy specialized in content-based SMEs.

Whether you want to offer financial advice, launch a nutrition coaching business, a lifestyle website, or an education platform, we are here to help you develop, monitor, and streamline the business processes.

We create tailored solutions that help you build a business that both works for you and for your clients. 

Working with small and medium-sized companies we focus on cost-effective software, easy-to-integrate tools, and the best practices in branding, consumer behavior, and digital marketing, That is our edge, we make your business simple and easy to grow.


Our Philosophy?

We take out all the jargon and the needless complexity from the equation. Most business goals are easy to achieve if you only focus on the core functions and dramatically simplify your process. This is what makes a business easy to maintain and therefore easy to grow.

Consultancies aren’t only for large corporations. The smaller you are, the more you need help figuring out how to optimize your costs and generate impact with limited resources.

and we focus only on easy-to-implement solutions.


10 Problems we solve for you:

  1. You need cost-effective software, website, or tech solutions
  2. Each person in your team is doing a million little jobs, as a result, your operations aren’t optimized and everyone is tired
  3. You don’t think your products or services’ true value is being communicated well, resulting in a weaker-than-desired market position
  4. You have several sets of target audience (potential clients) and hence find it difficult to develop a persona-driven strategy
  5. You think your website, social media, sales calls, and products each have a different feel, voice tone, and personality
  6. You continue to invest in content but are not seeing a financial return
  7. You don’t have enough staff—or employees that are experienced enough—to achieve your business goals
  8. As consumer behavior and content shifts, you are uncertain what kind of resources or organizational chart you need to execute successfully
  9. You have no idea which of your advantages and USP to focus on
  10. You aren’t sure if you are trying to solve a symptom or the problem