The number one thing I’ve learned throughout my career is that businesses and clients don’t often speak the same language. You aren’t communicating with your colleagues, you are grabbing the attention of your audience, who happen to have a very short attention span.

This is where someone like me comes in. I spent the past decade crafting editorial strategies to streamline newsrooms, develop social presence, enhance brand positions, and most importantly unify the content direction with business needs.

If you need to develop content that will tell your audience exactly what they want to know, then I’m here to help.

As a content consultant, I specialize in turning hard-to-grasp facts into engaging stories, and, more importantly, I’ve developed content for very diverse sets of audiences, from the finance community to travel adventurers.

• Translating goals into a conversion-focused content plan
• Developing the brand personality in line with the core market segment
• Identifying the core and extended segments and their personas
• Building an action plan based on addressing problematic issues and most lucrative opportunities
• Developing needed content platforms: blogs, websites, social platforms. This includes all matters related to the content calendar, plan, and content development
• Helping clients work with the right freelancers: journalists, photographers, videographers
• Resource planning, tracking content performance
• Managing online reputation and brand position


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