My Ideal Life: Yearly Goal Planner Template

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How does this work?

  • If you wake up 31/12/2024 what would your ideal life include then?
  • You begin by stating your goals, write them down as specifically as you can. What does achieving them mean? What will it look and feel like?
  • The next step is to break this goal down into two 6-months goals; then break each of them into an additional two 3-month goals.
  • Finally, we break each 3-month goal into a monthly-action plan (if possible)

Why do you need to explain how it will feel like?

  • You achieve what you can see and feel. Knowing how it will feel like, makes you stick to your own plan, especially if you go back and read it every few days.
  • Sometimes you’ll notice that achieving a particular goal won’t feel any different from your current reality, or worse it will take away from what you currently have ( a big promotion for example comes with longer working hours and more stress). Maybe it’s not worth investing effort in it.

What if a goal is completely out of my control?

How can I break it down into a measurable action plan?

Ask yourself: are there any steps you can take that increase the likelihood of achieving that goal? How do you increase your odds?

Similar to the below examples, list what you can control and build a monthly set of milestones:

1-For example, if you want a job that has over a 1000 applicants, you can build an internal network, reach out on LinkedIn to the hiring manager, improve your personal brand, and familiarize yourself with the company’s automated resume screener.

2-Example: You are sick and just have to wait it out. There’s probably a long list of daily habits you can do that improve your body’s ability to regain its health.

For goal breakdown into 2, 4, and 12 milestones, follow the process in the sheet.

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