newsletter for small business

Let me start by saying—wait, typing—that regardless of your business model you will benefit greatly from having a newsletter.

This may seem a little weird to you, especially since other marketing tools tend to top the list of most marketers and branding gurus. But newsletters have always stood the test of time and have consistently delivered value.

Here are four reasons why a newsletter is crucial to your business.

You don’t own your social media followers

If you own a profile on any social media account you know the drill; the majority of your followers don’t see your posts. Not only that but algorithm changes can dictate how you share your updates. For example, Instagram recently shifted its algorithm to prefer reels above other content types.

Another issue is social media giants limiting organic engagement. This essentially means that you need to pay to announce any important promotion.

No matter how small or large your contact list is, you can directly communicate with them without the say or algorithm of middlemen.

Newsletter subscribers are yours forever

As long as they are subscribed, they will always receive your email. Even if they don’t open your newsletter, occasionally reminding them of your brand increases your chances of landing a sale when they need your services or products.

Increases your business’ credibility

It’s a subconscious cultural perspective, communicating via email gives your brand a somewhat-formal business persona. Additionally, a business that consistently engages its target audience with valuable, relevant information is a trusted one.

Low risk, high reward

With little investment, you can maintain a forever connection with your clients and potential customers who showed some level of interest, safe from algorithm changes.

What not to do

While a newsletter offers a whole bunch of benefits, be careful not to agitate your subscribers. If your subscribers are expecting weekly or monthly emails, don’t send daily or repetitive announcements.

Always state clearly the frequency of your communication in the subscription box or page.

A major faux-pas is adding your client database without their consent. You can send a mass email asking them to opt in. Most newsletter services offer this option.


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