b2b content 2024 trends

InTrends: Top 2024 Trends to Futureproof Your B2B Content Strategy

Read the original newsletter on LinkedIn I woke up today and noticed that we’re 20 days away from 2024! If you’re like me and still haven’t begun preparing for next year then this issue is for you. The best thing about December is that it comes with a whole lot of end-of-year insights. We begin […]

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data storytelling basics

The Playbook: Basics of Data Storytelling

Subscribe here to receive The Storyteller’s Playbook Data storytelling isn’t about presenting financial results to the board of a company, yes it can be used for that. But its primary use is to convey an engaging story using data, in such a compelling way that everyone reaches a similar conclusion. This piece walks you through a […]

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2024 trends for b2b content marketing

InTrends: The B2B-Content Equation That Increases Trust in Your Brand

Read the original newsletter on LinkedIn   I’m starting this one with a personal observation, turned into advice. Here’s how to spot someone who’s faking their expertise or can’t build the service needed… I can always spot someone who isn’t confident of their capabilities to solve a problem, or mostly knows they won’t be able […]

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Demand Generation

The Playbook: 9 Demand Generation Stats

Originally sent to our client list on the 13th of November 2023. Subscribe here This is based on a November 2023 report by Activate, a global marketing agency. The report interviewed marketers from 200 tech B2B businesses. It’s worth noting that the majority of contributors were from businesses with 10,000+ employees located in the USA and Canada. […]

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content developer freelance

4 Must-Use Docs When Working with Freelancers

The return from working with freelancers or content agencies is absolutely worth it if, and only if, you accurately communicate your needs. My consultancy business is built on freelancers, how else could we aggregate the talents we flaunt? I always thought that the information you need to hand the expert preparing your content is common […]

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Evergreen content for B2B

Evergreen content: A B2B’s most stable ROI

Imagine this, you check the first blog post your business ever published and it’s still as relevant and sharable as if you wrote it today.  This, my dear reader, is called evergreen content. Now imagine, you hired freelancers—or a full-time content team—to create guides and posts that can be recycled endlessly. This means every $1 […]

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optimize content b2b

The Playbook: Here’s how to grow your traffic using your content

Originally shared with our clients on September 19th 2023. Subscribe here This one is all about increasing traffic to your website and up your content marketing game, with a special focus on SaaS companies.   How to Increase Traffic to your SaaS Website The first thing you should decide on is what numbers you should […]

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b2b business storytelling tips

6 Business Storytelling Secrets I Swear By

This right here is my bread and butter, it’s how I help B2B clients tell their story, with a non-mushy tone, and within a proof-of-value context. 1- Pretend you are speaking to a single person If you’ve been following me on IG, you’ve probably heard me say this in every Q&A story session Here’s how […]

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social media hook template

5 Proven Social Media Hooks for B2Bs

Are you a small business owner with no time to create content? I feel you. I work in content creation and finding time to create content for my business is a hassle. But fear not! Here are 5 no-fuss hook templates that will work like magic! All you have to do is customize the message, […]

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sales tips small business owner

6 Easy Ways to Get More Sales Deals – Sales Series Compilation

If you follow our YouTube Channel or Instagram Profile, you’ve seen the series of sales videos I’ve done where I share very simple ways that can 10X your sales. Or at least, get you thinking about some great ideas to boost your profit. But for the sake of—my favorite people—the readers, here’s a written compilation […]

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