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InTrends: Top 2024 Trends to Futureproof Your B2B Content Strategy

Read the original newsletter on LinkedIn I woke up today and noticed that we’re 20 days away from 2024! If you’re like me and still haven’t begun preparing for next year then this issue is for you. The best thing about December is that it comes with a whole lot of end-of-year insights. We begin […]

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Demand Generation

The Playbook: 9 Demand Generation Stats

Originally sent to our client list on the 13th of November 2023. Subscribe here This is based on a November 2023 report by Activate, a global marketing agency. The report interviewed marketers from 200 tech B2B businesses. It’s worth noting that the majority of contributors were from businesses with 10,000+ employees located in the USA and Canada. […]

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content marketing tips

Why content marketing isn’t working for you…and how to fix it

“We tried content marketing, but….” This one is a favorite of mine! Many fall into this trap you invest time and effort in content that doesn’t get much traction.  Content marketing isn’t something you do a couple of times and get results (for most at least), it’s something that you keep building on and then […]

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The Playbook: Here’s how to grow your traffic using your content

Originally shared with our clients on September 19th 2023. Subscribe here This one is all about increasing traffic to your website and up your content marketing game, with a special focus on SaaS companies.   How to Increase Traffic to your SaaS Website The first thing you should decide on is what numbers you should […]

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b2b business storytelling tips

6 Business Storytelling Secrets I Swear By

This right here is my bread and butter, it’s how I help B2B clients tell their story, with a non-mushy tone, and within a proof-of-value context. 1- Pretend you are speaking to a single person If you’ve been following me on IG, you’ve probably heard me say this in every Q&A story session Here’s how […]

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How to write about us page

Here’s how to write an About Us page to drive B2B sales

Let’s face it, most corporate About Us pages are boring. They tend to attract the least traffic of a given website. If that’s you, don’t worry you’re not alone, and here’s how to fix it. 1-It’s rarely about you, always about them Most readers have a short attention span, that’s why the first few lines […]

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business content update services

5 Reasons Why You Must Update Your Corporate Website’s Content Yearly

Long title I know! But I feel that many business owners need this spelled out. There are so many exceptional businesses with content that’s been there for five years, untouched. The world is advancing too fast for you to ignore these small things. Put yourself in your potential client’s shoes.  What is your automatic assumption […]

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Difference between strategy and plan

A strategy is not a plan: Here’s the difference

Most confuse business planning and strategic planning with strategy. Those are two entirely different things. What is Strategic Planning? It’s a set of activities that a given company plans on accomplishing. Increasing sales, expanding market share, improving customer experience, and so on. All that’s great, but these goals together won’t get you to a specific […]

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B2B content business story

InTrends: Are today’s B2B clients more informed?

Read the original newsletter on Linkedin And we’re back! If you live in the MENA region, you probably know why you didn’t receive the last issue. If not, well, we all just got back from a long vacation and, as a result, things are a little bit hectic in offices around the region right now. […]

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B2B content marketing

InTrends: The will help you revamp your business

Read original issue on Linkedin Welcome to another issue of In Trends! If this is your first time here, then the whole idea of this newsletter is to save your time and offer you a summary of the latest marketing and growth hacks in one bi-weekly summary. In Trends is a lighter version of The […]

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