content marketing tips

Why content marketing isn’t working for you…and how to fix it

“We tried content marketing, but….” This one is a favorite of mine! Many fall into this trap you invest time and effort in content that doesn’t get much traction.  Content marketing isn’t something you do a couple of times and get results (for most at least), it’s something that you keep building on and then […]

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Metrics for ROI and content marketing

What are vanity metrics and what to use instead?

I recently came across the term “vanity metrics” and it’s so perfect I had to write a post about it. While the term is new, the metrics trap isn’t. Many, if not all of us, tend to focus on likes, views, and follows. While they communicate value, when it comes to content marketing ROI they […]

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b2b business storytelling tips

6 Business Storytelling Secrets I Swear By

This right here is my bread and butter, it’s how I help B2B clients tell their story, with a non-mushy tone, and within a proof-of-value context. 1- Pretend you are speaking to a single person If you’ve been following me on IG, you’ve probably heard me say this in every Q&A story session Here’s how […]

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social media hook template

5 Proven Social Media Hooks for B2Bs

Are you a small business owner with no time to create content? I feel you. I work in content creation and finding time to create content for my business is a hassle. But fear not! Here are 5 no-fuss hook templates that will work like magic! All you have to do is customize the message, […]

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sales tips small business owner

6 Easy Ways to Get More Sales Deals – Sales Series Compilation

If you follow our YouTube Channel or Instagram Profile, you’ve seen the series of sales videos I’ve done where I share very simple ways that can 10X your sales. Or at least, get you thinking about some great ideas to boost your profit. But for the sake of—my favorite people—the readers, here’s a written compilation […]

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business content tips

4 hacks to upgrade your B2B content

1-Write in Present Tense  Future: This will help you prove your market penetration  Present: This helps you prove your market penetration   Notice the difference? There’s a hint of uncertainty with future tenses, it may happen in the future if we do XYZ, vs. here’s what’s happening right now as a result of working with […]

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How to write about us page

Here’s how to write an About Us page to drive B2B sales

Let’s face it, most corporate About Us pages are boring. They tend to attract the least traffic of a given website. If that’s you, don’t worry you’re not alone, and here’s how to fix it. 1-It’s rarely about you, always about them Most readers have a short attention span, that’s why the first few lines […]

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How to Pitch Deck basics

What’s a Pitch Deck? And Why You Must Have One

Sarah, my friend, and I were having coffee to celebrate a new milestone in her startup, when the lady at the next table turns to us, introduces herself, and says I’m interested to help you expand to another market. The right thing to do here is to whip up your phone and send the interested […]

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business content update services

5 Reasons Why You Must Update Your Corporate Website’s Content Yearly

Long title I know! But I feel that many business owners need this spelled out. There are so many exceptional businesses with content that’s been there for five years, untouched. The world is advancing too fast for you to ignore these small things. Put yourself in your potential client’s shoes.  What is your automatic assumption […]

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AI content detector websites

Here’s how to check if your content is written by AI

I’ll keep this short and sweet. I’ve tested the below on 100% generated AI content and they all passed the test. That said, not all of them were able to detect content with minor alterations and almost all of them did not detect edited content. Even those that tell you the human intervention percentage. 1- […]

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