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Here’s a well-known secret most content marketers don’t share. Steering content toward specific results is like driving a car during a hurricane; too many variables that can change the outcome.

When it comes to business-to-business (B2B) there is no neutral content. Each copy either builds or destroys, the difference is in the degree.

For example, simply using your good ol’ company profile text as your website content as is dramatically reduces your ability to convert visitors to clients. While a purposeless social media post probably will have minimal impact on your long-term trajectory.

But it’s not all chaos, well-planned B2B content can be quite an effective communication and conversion tool, despite the hurricane of unknowns.

These 4 checklists will help you create effective B2B content, whether it’s a sales copy, an about us page, or a social media post.

The Ultimate Checklists for Effective B2B Content Includes:

  • The 7P Checklist – Ideal for explaining the benefits of your service or product
  • The 3C Checklist – A must for effective About Us and Why Choose Us website pages. It’s also quite effective for social media
  • The 5U Checklist – A great tool for converting sales copy, and also works wonders with any B2B copy
  • The 5-Question Checklist – Perfect for social media posts, especially for product marketing purposes



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