business content tips

1-Write in Present Tense 

Future: This will help you prove your market penetration 

Present: This helps you prove your market penetration

Notice the difference?

There’s a hint of uncertainty with future tenses, it may happen in the future if we do XYZ, vs. here’s what’s happening right now as a result of working with us

2- Ditch the Buzzwords 

They work with reach but not with sales and perception.

The difference here is HUGE!

If you’ve seen a thousand reels, posts,  and TikToks say the same in-tend words over the past week alone, you’re probably already shrugging it off and maybe even skeptical when you see a brand use it.

Hook with Buzzword: Fast track your growth with these 5 AI tools (scammy)

Hook without:  Here are 5 tools to 5X your sales (Sincere)

3- Nothing beats numbers

A: We’ve helped our customers achieve unprecedented growth

B: We’ve helped our customer see an average of 16% YoY 

Which one would you choose?

I specifically used a low figure in the above example to show that even with low numbers, you’d be more likely to trust and go with company B. 

Figures communicate better and remove uncertainty, even low figures.

4- Use strong words

Weak: Having a long pitch deck will diminish your chances of investment

Strong: A long pitch deck will kill the deal

People tend to scan content not read it, the first one won’t make any significant impact, while the second captures the attention, is clear, and easy to digest.

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