AI content detector websites

I’ll keep this short and sweet. I’ve tested the below on 100% generated AI content and they all passed the test. That said, not all of them were able to detect content with minor alterations and almost all of them did not detect edited content. Even those that tell you the human intervention percentage.

1- GPTZero –

2- Originality AI –

3- Content at Scale’s detector –

4- Detect GPT –

5-’s detector –

What about plagiarism checkers:

I’ve often seen posts and advice that these tools do detect high plagiarism when you test AI content. I did test the usual plagiarism websites I rely on and they showed very low plagiarism scores for 100% AI-generated content. So, bottom line, don’t rely on them to determine if the content is AI generated but use them to detect bad content providers.


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