Here are a few ideas to help you celebrate World Health Day with your audience. This post has been developed for small business owners with yet-to-grow social media channels.

One: Audience-Engagement Story

Ask your audience to share their health tips and habits they swear by. Of course, you reply to every story with a witty, funny, or professional reply, depending on your brand’s persona.

It’s always a great idea to re-purpose content, and a great way to enhance your engagement is to create a carousel of your favorite replies, tagging or mentioning them in the post. Of course, provided you secure their consent to share their names and accounts.

Two: Live Q&A

Host a medical doctor or a health coach who can give free advice on how to improve one’s health while working from home or from the office.

P.S Make sure you have an on-screen disclaimer stating that the advice provided is only for informational or entertainment purposes. Always seek legal advice when your topic revolves addresses health.

Humanize your Company

Host a World Health Day event online or offline for your team and cover it as a series of posts. It can be a few stories and one video compilation, or your team providing their take about their take from the day’s activities.

These kinds of posts humanize your company beyond its business persona and build rapport with your clientele.

Link to your Business

There’s no shortage of examples and ideas here. The idea is simple, create a post that links your business to the day you are celebrating.

Finance or B2B companies could share an infographic about health industry stats, while a dentist could dedicate the day to oral hygiene tips.

Here are a few other ideas that cater to this category: Exercise ideas for coaches; breakfast ideas for FMCG, food industry, retail, and nutritionists; Free consultation or a raffle in celebration of the day.

I hope this helps, for specific consultations or if you just want to say hi please contact me.

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