social media hook template

Are you a small business owner with no time to create content? I feel you. I work in content creation and finding time to create content for my business is a hassle.

But fear not! Here are 5 no-fuss hook templates that will work like magic!

All you have to do is customize the message, slap on a simple background design, and voila.


1-[Addressing intangible business fear] + [your service] + [social proof] + [CTA]

Example: How much do end-of-year accounting surprises cost you?

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2-[Fear-based question 1] + [fear-based question 2] + [fear-based question 3] +[your free resource] OR [your service]


Worried about being too sales when following up with a potential client?

Are you dealing with too many decision-makers per sale?

Investing too much time in lead generation, with barely any results?

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3-How I achieved [a common goal for your target audience], without [common concern]


How I scaled my business to $1M without increasing my working hours


4-[Social Proof] + [Open question] + [CTA]


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Finally, my favorite:

5-If you’re [ target audience] + [pain point] + [solution]


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Need more examples? or have a question? or just want to say hi! We’d love to hear from you. 

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