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Four Engagement Ideas for World Health Day

Here are a few ideas to help you celebrate World Health Day with your audience. This post has been developed for small business owners with yet-to-grow social media channels. One: Audience-Engagement Story Ask your audience to share their health tips and habits they swear by. Of course, you reply to every story with a witty, […]

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5 Engaging Content Ideas for Valentine’s Day

When it comes to social media and engagement, Valentine’s day is a great opportunity to generate some engagement. It doesn’t matter what your business is. If you agree with any of the following then this article is for you. My business is too serious to even mention Valentine’s day on our feed. I have too […]

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Is Consumer Behavior Funny or Creepy?

A version of this article was published on Think Marketing Magazine   During my study of consumer behavior, I fell in love with the idea of combining psychology and marketing to reach consumers on a deeper level. In essence, the idea is to build an emotion-based connection with your target audience. While for most people […]

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The Psychological Power of Brand Color – Which color is right for your brand?

The communication color you choose for your brand isn’t just a part of your identity and persona. It’s a core part of the business story you are sharing with the world. They tell your audience what to expect from you and how they should feel about you.

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13 Websites for Free Videos, Photos, and Sound Effects

Did you know that most of my videos, courses, and social media posts are created using royalty-free recourses? I don’t mean I just create posts using Canva, which I do! I mean video footage of highways, motivational audio, or a dancing lightbulb with a transparent background. If you want to create professional-quality social media posts […]

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