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5 awesome tools to create a free survey

I recently wrote an article about creating the perfect business slogan and half of my advice in there required surveys. To keep things as easy as possible for you, here’s my go-to list of online survey tools. Surveys are a waste of time for my business If you think that, here are a few reasons […]

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Business slogan examples

How to create an effective business slogan?

First things first, let’s begin with the basics. The purpose of a business slogan is to remind people of your brand and give them a clue to the benefits they receive when using your products or services. Sounds easy, right? It really was 30 years ago. Today the average person is exposed to a whopping […]

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B2B content business story

InTrends: Tell Your Business Story

Linkedin Newsletter, read the original issue   Welcome to our 2nd issue! With summer weekends just around the corner, I am going to keep this issue light and informative. If you’ve been following The Business Storyteller’s IG, I’ve been sharing free tools that can help you optimize your website. What I liked about these tools […]

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better content marketing tools

Here’s how to write better content faster

Here’s a little secret about me: I’m a slow writer. If I’m writing an email or a work note, I’m as fast and as precise as they come, but when it comes to a feature or anything with a little bit of creativity my brain gets in the way. It doesn’t matter that I know […]

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Rebranding Strategy checklist

8 reasons why you may need to rebrand your business

The decision to rebrand your business is always a difficult one and often fraught with a long list of what-ifs. However, if you follow the right path you can eliminate a lot of uncertainty from your team. First things first, if you aren’t sure if your decision to rebrand is the right one, let’s explore […]

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