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Thinking of a new logo?

Toptal, the freelance platform, has a great article that will help you bridge the gap between the business perspective and the agency—or freelancer—designing your new branding.

Here are some of my takes from the article:

1-Your logo design needs to be simple to understand; memorable; ageless; easy to scale to most sizes; be an embodiment of what a company stands for—a visual ambassador for a brand.

2-When it comes to brand colors, aim for simple and harmonious color schemes.

3-The design brief should answer the following questions:

  • What are the specific goals the logo must meet to be considered a success?
  • Which segment of the population should the logo resonate with?
  • What purpose does the product or company serve? What value do they bring people?
  • What are the deliverables that will be expected at the project’s completion?
  • Expected timeline for the project?
  • Who is involved in the project’s decision-making?
  • What is the core of the brand’s promise to consumers, and how does it see itself in relation to its competitors?

If you’ve missed it in our last issue, here are eight reasons it’s a good time to re-brand your business and three reasons not to.

We can’t talk about rebranding without addressing slogans…

Are you looking to create an effective business slogan?

Check out this article to find out why a 10-year-old has to help you create it

Here’s also a great slogan-generator tool by Shopify to help you. Of course, this is just to give you ideas for your brainstorming, please don’t just use one of its suggestions as is.

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Are you thinking of selling news or insights?

The 2022 Digital News Report suggests otherwise!

Published on June 15th by the Reuters Institute at the University of Oxford, the report is based on 90,000 surveyees in 46 countries across five continents. However, no MENA country was part of this study.

According to the report, the average age of paid news subscribers is 47 years old. Moreover, the average age is likely to keep increasing, thus, decreasing the size of your potential client base.

While other types of content subscriptions such as education and entertainment are growing, audiences are reluctant to pay for news or news-based updates.

Here are some other interesting findings in the report:

  • Print media saw the sharpest decline in news readership. The 2022 surveyees reported a 15% reliance on print news, a dramatic fall from 2013’s 47%. TV is also losing its audience’s interest, going from 72% in 2013 to 48% in 2022.
  • Adults aged 18 to 24 prefer social media as their main source of news, with 15% relying specifically on TikTok for their updates.
  • More and more audiences are relying on YouTube for their news, due to the increasing preference for news consumption through video.
  • News avoidance is becoming a thing, 38% of the 90,000 surveyees said they avoid the news.

If you are a journalist or part of a news company, I strongly recommend reading the report, the few points Included don’t do it justice.

Speaking of surveys: Here are the pros and cons of my favorite 5 free online survey platforms.

How do I get more replies to my surveys?

The average response rate is between 10% to 30%, and, yes, everyone is struggling big time to get enough replies.

To invest time sharing their feedback and opinion, a given surveyee has either to really hate or really like your products.

A great way to make this work is to offer some sort of reward. A downloadable guide, a free trial, a locked video, or even a free NFT that’s only accessible to those who completed the survey.

Who do I send my survey to? Pollfish, a survey platform, has a great article about choosing your target audience

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