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4 hacks to upgrade your B2B content

1-Write in Present TenseĀ  Future: This will help you prove your market penetrationĀ  Present: This helps you prove your market penetration Notice the difference? Thereā€™s a hint of uncertainty with future tenses, it may happen in the future if we do XYZ, vs. hereā€™s whatā€™s happening right now as a result of working with us […]

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How to write about us page

Here’s how to write an About Us page to drive B2B sales

Let’s face it, most corporate About Us pages are boring. They tend to attract the least traffic of a given website. If that’s you, don’t worry you’re not alone, and here’s how to fix it. 1-It’s rarely about you, always about them Most readers have a short attention span, that’s why the first few lines […]

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How to Pitch Deck basics

What’s a Pitch Deck? And Why You Must Have One

Sarah, my friend, and I were having coffee to celebrate a new milestone in her startup, when the lady at the next table turns to us, introduces herself, and says Iā€™m interested to help you expand to another market. The right thing to do here is to whip up your phone and send the interested […]

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easy test UX design

Hereā€™s how I test website design as a non-tech

Did you know that an extra 2 seconds of load time increases the averageĀ bounce rate by 32%? Not only that, but if a page load time crossed five seconds the average bounce rate will jump to 90%. Did you also know that keeping white space around 20% per page increases the readersā€™ attention and ability […]

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business content update services

5 Reasons Why You Must Update Your Corporate Website’s Content Yearly

Long title I know! But I feel that many business owners need this spelled out. There are so many exceptional businesses with content that’s been there for five years, untouched. The world is advancing too fast for you to ignore these small things. Put yourself in your potential client’s shoes.Ā  What is your automatic assumption […]

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