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AI content detector websites

Here’s how to check if your content is written by AI

I’ll keep this short and sweet. I’ve tested the below on 100% generated AI content and they all passed the test. That said, not all of them were able to detect content with minor alterations and almost all of them did not detect edited content. Even those that tell you the human intervention percentage. 1- […]

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Difference between strategy and plan

A strategy is not a plan: Here’s the difference

Most confuse business planning and strategic planning with strategy. Those are two entirely different things. What is Strategic Planning? It’s a set of activities that a given company plans on accomplishing. Increasing sales, expanding market share, improving customer experience, and so on. All that’s great, but these goals together won’t get you to a specific […]

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B2B content creation

InTrends: Content Creation for Business

Read the original newsletter on Linkedin   Did you know that the majority of subscribers to this newsletter are either SME owners or senior executives? This means that almost everyone who receives this newsletter has to wear many hats throughout their day. Gone are the days when you are only a financier or a researcher. […]

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B2B content business story

InTrends: Are today’s B2B clients more informed?

Read the original newsletter on Linkedin And we’re back! If you live in the MENA region, you probably know why you didn’t receive the last issue. If not, well, we all just got back from a long vacation and, as a result, things are a little bit hectic in offices around the region right now. […]

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B2B content marketing

InTrends: The will help you revamp your business

Read original issue on Linkedin Welcome to another issue of In Trends! If this is your first time here, then the whole idea of this newsletter is to save your time and offer you a summary of the latest marketing and growth hacks in one bi-weekly summary. In Trends is a lighter version of The […]

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