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The Playbook: 50 Stats Every B2B Decision Maker Needs to Know

Originally sent to our clients on September the 6th, 2023. Subscriber here. We are here to give you tools and tangible information (oxymoron alert) that will help you make your very next decision. This is why for our very 2nd issue we’re summarizing 15 consumer studies and giving you What Delays the B2B Buying Process? GoodFirm, […]

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Metrics for ROI and content marketing

What are vanity metrics and what to use instead?

I recently came across the term “vanity metrics” and it’s so perfect I had to write a post about it. While the term is new, the metrics trap isn’t. Many, if not all of us, tend to focus on likes, views, and follows. While they communicate value, when it comes to content marketing ROI they […]

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b2b business storytelling tips

6 Business Storytelling Secrets I Swear By

This right here is my bread and butter, it’s how I help B2B clients tell their story, with a non-mushy tone, and within a proof-of-value context. 1- Pretend you are speaking to a single person If you’ve been following me on IG, you’ve probably heard me say this in every Q&A story session Here’s how […]

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social media hook template

5 Proven Social Media Hooks for B2Bs

Are you a small business owner with no time to create content? I feel you. I work in content creation and finding time to create content for my business is a hassle. But fear not! Here are 5 no-fuss hook templates that will work like magic! All you have to do is customize the message, […]

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sales tips small business owner

6 Easy Ways to Get More Sales Deals – Sales Series Compilation

If you follow our YouTube Channel or Instagram Profile, you’ve seen the series of sales videos I’ve done where I share very simple ways that can 10X your sales. Or at least, get you thinking about some great ideas to boost your profit. But for the sake of—my favorite people—the readers, here’s a written compilation […]

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